Celebrating Lyn Sheffer's Years of Service
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We are very grateful for Lyn Sheffer, our Club Administrator, who has worked with us for the past 19 years.  Lyn has helped our Downtown Rotary Club become what it is today. Our club meetings and activities tend to run smoothly, and that has been with all the extra help of Lyn.
Lyn is retiring and taking a step back to get her COVID vaccine and to enjoy time walking, sewing, and with her family.  "She is a legendary person, and we will miss her dearly."  - Club President Andrew Bakkum
If you want to connect with her, feel free to reach her at 608.317.6033 or lynshef@juno.com
Happy Retirement cards or Thank You cards can be sent to:
Lyn Sheffer
N6945 Pine Ln
Holmen, WI 54636
Welcoming our new Club Administrator
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jamie O'Neill as our new Club Administrator!  The Rotary Club of La Crosse is honored to have Jamie join us in this role.  As you know, our Rotary club has done so much good in the community and our world for over 100 years now.  As we continue down this path of improving and having such a positive impact, we look forward to Jamie utilizing her talents to help this club improve, grow, and strengthen. 
Jamie has been a member of our club for over 3 years now, and will continue as an active member in addition to serving as the Club Administrator. She brings a plethora of skills and experience that will enhance our club: leadership, communication, marketing, event planning, finance, and volunteer management...just to name a few. What's more, Jamie embodies the motto "Service Above Self" and has a terrific attitude and energy. We know you will all enjoy working with her!
I do have to tell Jamie a little bit of bad news.  She will have to manage working with me as the President for your first 4+ months of employment.  But then it gets much better in a hurry as Sarah Arendt-Beyer will take over as President in July. 
Please join us in helping Jamie settle into her new role - there's a lot to learn and we will appreciate your patience and support as Jamie learns the ropes.
We are so grateful to have Jamie joining us in this role and we look forward to great things to come!
Andrew Bakkum
President / Rotary Club of La Crosse - Downtown