Our club will have a ZOOM meeting again this week.  We will be sending you a browser link via email Thursday morning.  We will open at 11:30 and our meeting will start at Noon.  If you have an announcement you would like to make...please contact Andy Bakkum.    If you would like to have a guest attend, please let Andy know and YOU can forward your email link to them. 
Thanks to Sarah Arendt-Beyer you can now view past Zoom Rotary Meetings - she will post each week on our web site......LINK.
This Week at Rotary: 
Lee Rasch
LeaderEthics - Wisconsin

LeaderEthics-WIsconsin is non-partisan/non-profit organization.  Our efforts are directed at encouraging citizen involvement in the electoral process that encourages ethical leadership by elected officials. We have developed the 2020 Citizen’s Guide to Ethical Leadership Among Elected Officials...a practical guide for the average citizen to promote ethical leadership. The Citizen’s Guide will be included the presentation.