I hope to see you all at our club’s fellowship meeting which occurs on the third Tuesday of every month.  We will meet at Dublin Square Irish Pub this Tuesday.

For the month of March, my selection of educational content has closely mirrored Rotary International’s focus on “Water and Sanitation.”  As you know, I search the internet for educational and informative content that is somehow applicable to our lives and at least tangentially related to Rotary.  This week’s first link to content is from a TED talk on whether or not we are running out of clean water.  It is just under 5 minutes long.    TED Talk Link


This second link is from a Jewish Chef named Dan Barber who tells an amazing parable about Foie Gras.  Believe it or not, this parable does tie in nicely with many Rotary areas of focus. The video is 20 minutes long. Dan Barber Link

This last link is a short video (4 minutes) on the physics of ketchup in a bottle.   In addition to providing some hints on how to get the ketchup to come out of the bottle easier, it is a fascinating discussion on “Non-Newtonian Fluids.” This link is definitely a stretch to claim a direct link to Rotary, but is nonetheless interesting.  Ketchup Link

Thank you to those of you who made Lucia’s birthday so special last week!  As a final note, I would ask you to invite a potential member to join us at this week’s meeting.  We have funds set aside to cover the cost of your visitor.