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Opportunities to Help
As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads uncertainty and hardship around the world and in our community, we as Rotarians have many opportunities to help others. 
Rotarians are people of action.   This is your opportunity to look over the following links to see how you best can help.  Every small gesture will be appreciated,  whether it is a monetary donation, a letter to a resident in a healthcare facility, a thank you to our essentials in the area, etc.
We have one Rotarian that we know of in a healthcare facility.  Rotarian Elmer and his wife Lil are at Bethany St. Joseph, 2501 Shelby Road, La Crosse, WI  54601.  Check your ClubRunner Membership App…. see if there is someone you might want to connect with and drop a note to.
(if you have another link you would like to share,
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