“Al Louis’s 2020 Musky Challenge”
Thank you to all who submitted a request to be a part of the Musky Challenge Fundraiser.   The following will each receive $500 of the funds raised:  Mobile Meals - Guardian Angel Fund; Gateway Area Council, BSA - Fall Cub Camp; La Crosse Public Education Foundation - Random Acts of Kindness; and Family and Children's Center - Chrome Book Project. 
The main recipient of the fund will go to New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers - Stewards of Children Training.   
Starting July 26 through August 28,  Al will be fishing up at Lake Vermilion with the hopes of catching many Muskies. He is hoping to get out each Tuesday and Thursday night to chase Muskies for four hours each night. If all goes well he will get 10-12 trips during the dates listed.  It takes 10,000 casts to catch one Musky and last year Al was lucky enough to catch four.  Al is contributing $100 per Musky he catches during that time frame and challenging our members to match any $ amount towards each Musky.  If you want to challenge Al to $10 per Musky and he catches 7, your generous contribution of $70 would go towards the fund. You can also just donate a flat rate of any amount.  Last year we raised over $4,000 which went to The Parenting Place for the 2019 Diaper Drive.  Al’s minimum donation will be $500 and he will also be promoting this fundraiser at his honorary clubs in Arizona and Minnesota.  His Lake Havasu Club has already agreed to match up to $1,000.! Anyone donating $50 or more will receive a bronze Centennial coin.  Al's goal is $20,000!!  He has already collected $3,000+ and we haven't even started the fundraiser yet!
You will be hearing more about the fundraiser and how you can sign-up to challenge Al and help five nonprofits in our community that support families, the elderly and children!