Rotarians, our website sponsor this month is Cafetofarmers.  I just ordered some coffee and smells amazing!  Edgar delivered it right to my door. I think this is a great gift. I personally like that he is buying this directly from the coffee farmers so that they get paid better for their product.  
To order, go to this page.  If you want to pay cash or check, you can click money order and then pay when Edgar gets to your house.
Cafetofarmers is a coffee roaster that sources coffee only from small farmers in developing countries, who struggle to get better prices for their crops.  Large and traditional coffee companies do not seek fair prices, encourage child labor and do not work sustainably. Coffee for hope is grade 1 or specialty coffee, compared to grade 3 that super stores sell; It is used by gourmet restaurants and coffee shops in large cities, it is the first time sold in Wisconsin. CafetoFarmers is honored to collaborate with non-profit organizations in the Coulee Region and works with fundraisers.
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