Tom Berkedal shared information about a Fox Valley based group called “Voices of Men,” that engages men and boys in the process of reducing acts of domestic assault and sexual violence.
Voices of Men had its beginning in 2007 when the leaders of the four agencies in the Fox Valley dealing with domestic assault and sexual violence issues, had a discussion centered on the fact that they were all women, their staff members were all women, and about 85% of their donors and volunteers were women. And yet, they knew that approximately 90% of the perpetrators of domestic assault and sexual violence are men. The question they asked themselves that day was “Where are the men?” They spent the next few years working with about 40 local men to organize what was to become “Voices of Men” and ultimately decided to have an annual breakfast that would inform men and boys about the issues regarding domestic assault and sexual violence, and inspire them to be involved in the solution.
The breakfast has grown significantly over the past 6 years, and the last two in 2015 and 2016 sold out the largest banquet facility in Appleton, and had over 1000 attendees. The breakfast event has also provided growth for the organization through the efforts of men and boys who have attended, and decided to do more. As a result, several groups that were inspired by Voices of Men have been formed in various high schools, colleges, a middle school, grade school, and several local businesses. Visit if you’d like to read more about the organization.
Tom announced that he is in the process of informing various La Crosse agencies and organizations about “Voices of Men,” and plans to form a second chapter of the group in La Crosse when he retires next year and moves back to the area. If you’d be interested in being involved with the formation of the La Crosse chapter of “Voices of Men” please email Tom at