Friendship Exchange and Vocational Team Training Committee
Our focus has been on connecting with groups who plan to come to three cities in our district, La Crosse being one of them (often the other two are Madison and the Dells). We host the incoming Rotarians for 4-5 days, provide opportunities to get to know the Coulee Region, and create lifelong friendships.  In return, hosts and other Rotarians can also apply for our District return trips overseas, which last about two weeks and sometimes a bit more.  The cost is airfare and some entrance fees, plus incidentals and gifts.  

We are also free to make our own connections as a club and plan our own exchanges, and hope to do that soon. Committee members help with planning the host events, the transportation, and the housing.

Vocational Team Training is in transition in our district.  It involves longer-term (3-4 week) exchanges with specific hosts to work on professional sharing, growth, and connections in one's chosen occupation. For example, a number of health care professionals might go to make similar matches in an overseas Rotary District.
Have questions or are interested in joining? Contact committee chair Mark Jolivette