If you have never been on a Rotary Friendship Exchange, now is your chance!  The fall Brazil Friendship Exchange will take place from October 3rd through the 14th in central Brazil in Belo Horizonte.  Never been on a Friendship Exchange then you have priority!  Bring your spouse, bring your son or daughter, bring a friend! For details, contact Mark Etrheim, 608-769-7200 or MARK@MCHLAX.COM.  Read more for extra details.
We fly into Rio de Janerio and then a short flight to Belo Horizonte where we get picked up by local Rotarians.  Fall break?  Bring the family! We typically spend ...3 nights at 3 different clubs,  stay in home-hosted accommodations and each club doing its best to show their home towns off.   Always an adventure of the best kind.  Cost is your airfare (?900-$1200?) and maybe a few hundred dollars for any meals not provided, entry fees, and souvenirs.  It will be warm during our stay as they are in the southern hemisphere and is late summer there.  Rotary makes friends fast!  For details, contact Mark Etrheim, 608-769-7200 or MARK@MCHLAX.COM
Rotary Friendship Exchanges are exchanges between groups of Rotarians for the purpose of creating connections and friendships.  The magic of Rotary happens when these friendships morph into relationships from which projects can be born!  Anyone Rotarian can participate in a Friendship Exchange.  Anyone with connections in certain parts of the world is encouraged to consider leading a Friendship Exchange.  More information on the DISTRICT FRIENDSHIP EXCHANGE PAGE.