Democracy Found
Sep 17, 2020
Sara Eskrich
Democracy Found

Sara Eskrich is the Executive Director of Democracy Found, a Wisconsin-based nonpartisan initiative committed to revitalizing democracy.

She has herself been in electoral politics, as a Madison alder, and she is concerned that widely supported, bipartisan policy is often stymied by partisan politics. There is an inability to get anything done in Congress, often due to the misaligned incentives for elected officials, who find that there is no connection between acting in the public interest and their ability to get reelected. One of the major problems lies in the two-party system today, which, in business terms is a duopoly, able to eliminate third-party and independent competition.

Democracy Found’s preferred nonpartisan solution to this situation is Final-Five Voting, a two-fold policy: a top-five nonpartisan primary election and ranked choice voting in the general election. This will allow voters to vote for candidates they really prefer, and winners will be elected by a majority. Officeholders will now be beholden to larger constituencies, rather than just their partisans. Democracy Found is working as a cross-partisan coalition on the state level to get this system adopted for Congressional elections in Wisconsin.

Sara currently serves as a Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Commissioner and is a member of the Madison Downtown Rotary Club. She previously served on the Madison Common Council. Her career includes roles in the public and private sectors including at Deloitte Consulting, the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, Kids Forward, the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health, and City Council President Michael P. Ross’ Campaign and Office at the City of Boston.

Sara is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and holds a Masters of Public Affairs from the Robert M. La Follette School and Masters of Public Health from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.